Hey guys! I’ve been on a much needed hiatus from IVF and I’m finally back on the crazy train.

A quick update – my pregnancy ended at 10 weeks. The baby’s heart rate kept slowing the last week of the pregnancy so I did have time to accept what was happening. Didn’t make it any easier or make it sting any less.

Post D&C it was discovered I was Rh- (still not sure how this was only recently figured out) so I was given the RhoGAM shot to support future pregnancies.

We had a series of tests performed on the fetus and myself. The genetics on the baby came back normal (thank gosh – my other embabies are safe). It appears all was normal with me as well, but they believe there’s an issue with my uterus providing blood/nutrition to the fetus.

Which brings me to the step I’m on now.. Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA). I started birth control two weeks ago and will add estrogen on Saturday, followed by progesterone in oil shots. I will basically be on a typical IVF cycle in preparation for a frozen transfer BUT on “transfer day” I will have a biopsy performed instead.

The sample retrieved will be genetically  tested and give my doctor answers on what is going on. It will also let them know whether I need more/less hormones.

October 2nd will be test day and I should have results within ten days. Following the results we will know what our next move will be.

Lots of prayers for great results. I know the idea of surrogacy has been brought up by my doctor, and although I’m okay with that, I still hope to carry my own baby!

I likely won’t update until after the ERA, but wanted to keep the family in the loop.




6 weeks 6 days

Our sweet baby has a heartbeat. Such an incredible sight!

Ultrasound showed everything was great! We go back in ten days for our final ultrasound with our reproductive specialist. He will then release me to my regular OB!

Morning sickness has been relentless the last three days. I have felt nauseated from sun up to sun down. Today was exceptionally awful 🤮 I’m hoping I can get it under control in the upcoming days or else it’s going to be a long first trimester!

That’s really the only update for now – keep the prayers and positive vibes coming!



Urine and blood tests have said I’m pregnant for a couple of weeks now, but it hasn’t felt real.

Today I had my first “early” ultrasound. They did the early ultrasound to ensure everything was on schedule due to the low HCG numbers.

Brian was able to come (YAY) and it was so great. When we got to the clinic you could tell even our ultrasound tech was nervous. I’m pretty sure my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

She came in and we got started.. then she squealed “THERE’S SOMETHING IN THERE”!! We filled the room with hot air – I’m certain everyone was holding their breath until that moment.

And there it is. My perfect tiny bean! I’m measuring 5 weeks & 3 days.

We will go back in a week and a half for the fun ultrasound – heartbeat!!

It’s such a relief. I’m finally feeling some true excitement. I know my husband is so relieved, too! He says it still doesn’t feel real yet – have to say I agree! Such a long road – remaining cautious but I AM REALLY PREGNANT!!


Positive thoughts..

Positive pregnancy test!

I have been testing for a week now. On June 12th I got a SQUINTER, I mean.. the faintest line you’ve ever seen. I didn’t plan to test that early, but I woke up at 2:30 AM from a dream that I was pregnant. So what the heck, why not! (It’s not like I had a shortage of pregnancy tests 🤣)

Gradually over the following 6 days the finally started to get darker! My BETA test (bloodwork to test HCG levels) was yesterday the 18th. I went in feeling cautiously optimistic.

Afterwards I tried to stay as busy as possible – Lowe’s, Mani/Pedi, Downtown Shopping, etc…

Dr. K called around 3:30 PM (longest 7 1/2 hours ever) and said “Good news, you’re in fact pregnant”… “Not so good news, your levels are very low”… My immediate thought is “UGH”!

He follows with the different scenarios causing a low number and asks if I had been testing. I told him since the 12th but the tests had only gotten darker within the last day or so. “This could be a case of late implantation then, the only way to really know is by the test results from your second BETA on Wednesday”.

At this point I am obviously feeling a lot of emotions – excitement, anxiety, frustration and fear.

I have had to remind myself that we are further into the journey now than we were a year ago and that IVF did work! I am PREGNANT! I’m praying and remaining stress free, I have given this to God. I pray my body will work hard to maintain this pregnancy, also that my little baby will be strong and GROW! 🌱

Tomorrow will be “D-Day” – I am ready! Please keep praying! The prayers have worked thus far and I’m forever thankful!

We are blessed – whatever the outcome. Because today, right now.. I am pregnant. And my gosh, that’s a beautiful thing.


30 & PUPO..

Yesterday was magical. Nothing short of perfection, beginning to end.

The transfer was quick and painless. It was incredible to see our embryo post-thaw and then again after the embryologist hatched it. They hatch it to assist with implantation.

My husband was absolutely amazing. He stayed so calm and has waited on me hand and foot. Not to mention, he was such a babe yesterday 😍 (see below)

The whole process took most of our day – paperwork, embryologist, pre-op, procedure and recovery.

Once back in the procedure room they checked my lining (I had to come in with a full bladder and the whole time I thought I was going to pee myself) everything looked exactly how it should!! (whew)

The embryologist came in with a catheter carrying our sweet embryo and Dr. K got started. Once the catheter was inserted there was a bright white flash and there was our embaby, safely back home!! 🤗💕 the emotion I felt in that exact moment — I could never put into words. It was beautiful. Tears instantly streamed down my face.

Everything went perfectly and now we wait. June 18 will be the big day. Lots of prayers and positive vibes PLEASE! 🙏🏻

Btw, I also turned 30 yesterday – pretty comical signing my release documents with my DOB vs 2018 😂😂 oops!! We celebrated Wednesday night and Thursday so that I could have all of my focus on transfer yesterday. It’s all been a dream. I’m extremely blessed.

Everything we have been through has lead to this moment and now we give it to God. I hope this baby sticks and lets us be it’s parents. We already are so in love.

I’m taking the next ten days to rest, reflect and really come to peace with our journey. Hopefully next update will be the best one yet.

Thanks for following my journey. Pray this hatched embaby is nestled in!


10 Days

Trying to remain calm, but we are 10 days out! (Holy Sh¡t) It’s getting real, y’all. In ten freaking days I will have a beautiful baby embryo transferred into my (hopefully) non-hostile uterus. Praise the Lord for fertility meds!! 😂

I have been on estrogen patches for about a week now and quite frankly, they suck. Nausea and headaches – possibly the worst combination ever. (Just keep repeating – it’s all for good reason, it WILL be worth it)

First blood draw today for monitoring since I started the patches and my estrogen level is perfect, right on track! I get to change out every two days instead of every other day (woop! woop!) I have found that after like the first day and a half the headache doesn’t seem as bad.

Friday morning I have more labs and they will check my uterine lining – fingers, toes, legs, eyes, everything crossed – that my lining is doing what it’s supposed to do! 🙏🏻

Time is kind of getting away from me. Work and life have just been BUSY! I’m certainly not complaining because time has gone super fast!!

I will probably update again next week before my transfer – keep prayers comin’ y’all! #babydale

💕 Erin

FET Scheduled..

And the date is….

JUNE 8th 🎉

Happy 30th Birthday, to me! What an extraordinary gift! I am too excited.

I start birth control today followed by estrogen and progesterone 🙃 but no more shots! Only oral meds, patches and suppositories (yuck)

The countdown is on, one day closer to Baby Dale!